New direction

The challenges of creative work for peace and freedom

I’m working on a few letters to publish here as way opens. These letters will focus on concerns related to civil initiative and visual storytelling, and the challenges of creative work for peace and freedom.

These letters are intended for creative professionals, artists, activists, and Friends. My writing is swayed by my experience as a Quaker, teacher, and designer in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley, but I welcome anyone to read and respond.

This is a new direction for this blog— I’ve resisted making frequent updates or opening the place up to comments. I told myself I was too busy, and that was mostly true. But l have several questions on my mind that I’d like to give expression.

The first letter will explore the idea of civil initiative, and I shall get it online soon. You can now sign up for the Opus Letters to get updates by eMail, occasionally.

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