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This is a blog about visual storytelling and civil initiative. It’s also about kindling the creative passion for goodness, excellence, and virtue; in a word: arete.

Occasionally I may think of something that’s too long to post on Twitter. That’s what this section is for.


I will be building a new website for the Free Liberal, an online magazine dedicated to social and cultural entrepreneurship based on the transpartisan liberal values of innovation, trade, trust, and the sanctity of life.

Civil initiative is peacebuilding in its most essential form: community action that brings recognized rights into social norms and legal practice; civil initiative establishes law through the exercise of natural rights, unlike civil disobedience or disengagement.

I’m working on a few letters to publish here as way opens. These letters will focus on concerns related to civil initiative

This article is about making webcomics better, making the meaning of your comics semantically rich and searchable, and finding new readers for your comics by using semantic markup in stride with some imagination.

I made several subtle UI updates to Design Opus, mostly minor things, but I think it looks a lot better now, and folks on low-bandwidth…

This blog is a place where I write stuff. You can have one too.

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