Making websites easy

I make websites simple to use and easy to update.

Simple sites that serve your community

Communicating on the Web starts with presenting meaningful content that people can find.

  • I can help you develop content that is concise, objective, and scannable to help your visitors solve problems and find what they need.
  • I build your site to work across all browsers and devices. I use standardized best practices to optimize your site for search engines and assistive technologies.

Keeping your site fresh

Up-to-date content builds trust and goodwill. Updating your site should be as easy as writing an article and clicking “Publish”.

That’s why I deploy sites with Textpattern CMS. A publishing platform like Textpattern makes it easy to add, edit, or remove content yourself— without hiring a webmaster to manage your site. Textpattern also makes it easy to revise your site design or launch new features in the future, should your communication needs change.